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Since 1980 Dermatologic Cosmetic Laboratories’ (DCL) scientists have closely collaborated with physicians to create targeted and innovative skincare formulations for some of the best, brightest and most venerated names in aesthetic skincare, including renowned dermatologists, global top-selling brands and influential retailers.

With over three decades of research and product formulations to support DCL technology and product efficacy, DCL works to improve lives by improving skin health with substantiated, premium and extraordinarily effective ingredients in wonderfully luxurious product forms.

DCL knows that beauty is more than skin deep and that our skin is more than just a surface to polish or a canvas for cosmetics. Because the skin is actually the largest organ in the body and performs a number of vital functions, including serving as a protective barrier, DCL believes in giving this major organ the respect, care and full attention that it deserves. DCL starts by treating skin as a whole through their proprietary Total Skin™ approach to skincare–nourishing, strengthening and protecting all four of its key components.

Discover full range of innovative formulations for face, hair and body for all ages, skin types and concerns that are dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. DCL products are clinically tested and products have been proven to correct the signs of aging, prevent future damage, soothe irritation, drench dryness, alleviate acne and protect from the sun.

Healthy skin is beautiful skin!

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