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Inspired by her experiences in retail, Isabelle Masson-Mandonnaud created and launched Sabé Masson – La Maison du Soft Perfume. Combining beauty and well-being, Sabé Masson perfumes are “good for the skin, good for the soul”.

The creative team reviews hundreds of options, from the designs and colors of forthcoming collections and new fragrances to the most delightfully natural and innovative compositions for the skin: new alchemy, new galenic formulas and the stories behind all these sensations. Take care of yourself, of your scent trail, of your skin – of everything that makes you unique.

A Soft Perfume is a nourishing solid well-being and skincare perfume in stick form, with a natural cosmetic base and 10 % fragrance from the best perfumeries in France. Delicate and sophisticated, without alcohol nor paraben, Soft Perfumes are ideal for all skin types, even the most sensitives. Beautifully packaged and perfectly handy with a convenient application, Soft Perfumes propose a new ritual of perfuming.

Le Soft Perfume Liquide reinvents liquid perfumes, with a “beauty and well-being” perfume formula. These Eaux De Parfum are alcohol-free and surfactant agent-free, and include a high concentration of fragrance (10 %). A genuine innovation resulting from a unique French savoir-faire. Le Soft Perfume Liquide revolutionizes the Art of perfuming in a respectful way. Can be sprayed on the skin or the hair.

The Engraving Soaps – Perfumed soaps are composed of a more than 95 % natural formula, rich with shea butter, 0 % palm oil. They gently clean and perfume the skin, and respect its balance. The fragrances are created by masterclass perfumers, between Paris and Grasse. They are formed and engraved with the effigy of the house Sabé Masson.

The Balms Body and Hands – Hydrating and nourishing balms are unctuous noble skincares. Unique fragrances by masterclass perfumers. It’s a natural formula, without paraben and silicone, rich in Bio vegetal oils. Our recipe contains a regenerating and antioxidant Bio cocoa butter, a nourishing Bio shea butter, an antioxidant and anti-aging natural derivative of E vitamin, a hydrating and protective Bio glycerin.

All Sabé Masson perfumes are painstakingly designed, created, formulated and manufactured in France.

Products are not tested on animals.

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